6516 A George II silver wine funnel

6516 A George II silver wine funnel

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This is an unusual wine funnel in that it is smaller than many.  Nevertheless, the gauge of the silver is good; it is not a lightweight one for its size.  It was made by Thomas Wallis jnr. in 1806.  The hallmarks are clear, but while the maker's mark is only partially struck, his identity is not in doubt.

The funnel is plain with no decoration except the moulding at the base of the spout and the reeded edge to the bowl.  The inner filter is geometrically pierced and also has a reeded edge and a shaped tang. 

The funnel is in very good condition but it obviously has been restored at some time (a long while ago) as there is some 'firestain' where the body meets the spout.  This is not normally visible and in no way affects its use.  The end of the spout, being of good gauge appears not to have been restored and is in excellent condition.

The matt appearance in the images is because it was frozen to eliminate reflections!

Date: 1806

Dimensions: 4.8", 12.2 cm long

Weight: 3oz. 9 dwt.,107 g.