6611 A good Edinburgh silver wine funnel stand

6611 A good Edinburgh silver wine funnel stand

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This is a typical antique wine funnel stand, designed to catch drips having used the funnel.  It is plate-shaped with a central domed section which is engraved with a crest.  

It seems that the large majority of wine funnel stands were made in Edinburgh, with a few made in Dublin and even fewer in London. Why that should be is a mystery - unless you know why and will tell me!  Typically this example is 4.5", 11.5 cm. diameter, but it is in excellent condition and fully hallmarked on the underside.  It was made in 1843 by 'AGW' in Edinburgh.

The maker was another mystery as the mark, AGW**, is not in the standard reference work, but I have researched it and the maker was Andrew G Wighton - at least that is the mark that can be read.  It was not uncommon among silversmiths to borrow items from one another to sell to their own customers and in so doing stmaped their mark over the original maker's.  If you look at the central mark, you will see there is a second mark behind the one you can read, but it is completely obscured, so the original maker is not known.

** I apologise for the fact that I was wearing a red pullover when I took this photograph and it reflected around the maker's mark!