4046 A set of four ring wine labels

4046 A set of four ring wine labels

Code: 4046


An alternative to suspending a label by a chain was to make a tapered ring which rested on the neck of the decanter.  Neck ring labels are out-numbered by the conventional chain-suspended ones by a factor of about 50:1, so finding a set of four is quite unusual.

These were made by Mary Hyde and John Reily, which is interesting in itself.  Mary Hyde  was from a family long associated with wine and wine accessories, her husband, James being the grandson of another James Hyde a vintner, son of Thomas Hyde, and brother of Thomas Hyde II - all makers of wine labels.  James died in November 1799, and Mary married his apprentice, John Reily in 1801.  Their son, Charles continued in partnership with George Storer, also makers of wine labels and claret jugs inter alia well into the 19th century.  The partnership of Mary, with John Reily (who also styled himself 'Riley' before his marriage), was brief, and after marriage his mark was used alone. 

These four labels are pierced for Claret, Madeira, Port and Sherry, which reflect the choice of wine of the original owner.  They are in excellent, unrestored condition. 

Date: 1800

Dimensions: 2.8", 7.1 cms. diameter

Weight: 76 grams, 2 oz. 9 dwt.