5094 A heavy cast wine label for PORT

5094 A heavy cast wine label for PORT

Code: 5094

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Looking at the image of this wine label, it seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, but when seen in the hand, it is immediately obvious that it is almost twice the size of most labels of this pattern.  It was made by John Reily - a well-known maker, in 1816.

A good quality aspect of the label is that it is cast - not diestamped from a thin sheet of silver.  It is a standard oval model with a gadrooned edge and it is suspended by a heavy-duty belcher chain.

The label front is slightly 'rubbed', perhaps it was in a regimental mess, but the quality of the label means that it still in good overall condition. 

The second image shows a 'standard' size label together with this one.  Both the size of the label and the guage of the chain speak for themselves.

Date: 1816

Dimensions: 2.2",5.5 cm. wide

Weight: 30 grams, 1 tr. oz.