5106 A small crescent label for Port

5106 A small crescent label for Port

Code: 5106


This label is unmarked, but it seems probable that it came with anothor (for cyder, now sold) from the same workshop as it is the same size, almost the same weight and design.  In this label the calligraphy slopes at a drunken angle to the right as if the label was placed incorrectly on the work-bench - which is part of its appeal.

The cyder lable was marked with the maker's mark only, which was the norm before at the time (c.1780), and that mark was for Frances Stamp.  Perhaps she had been at the port or cider when she engraved this!

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 1.5", 3.8 cm. wide

Weight: 7 grams