5109 A 'scroll' label for BRANDY

5109 A 'scroll' label for BRANDY

Code: 5109

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This wine label is typical of the 1770s, being a scroll with 'feather edge'.  From the scroll there rises an assymetrical cartouche engraved with a crest which we have been unable to identify; it looks like a hen incubating its eggs!

The maker TH appears to be Thomas Hyde, who had a long line associated with wine. His grandfather was a London vintner and his father a label maker and specialist maker of the earliest wine siphons to be seen in England, and which preceded wine funnels - of which he also made one of the earliest.  None of the family were free of the Goldsmiths' Company, but of the Fishmongers'.

Date: c.1775

Dimensions: 2.2", 5.6 cm. wide

Weight: 10 grams 6.5 dwt.