5123 A large rectangular wine label for SHERRY

5123 A large rectangular wine label for SHERRY

Code: 5123

£95.00 Approx $130.67, €111.24

This is a gently impressive label.  Looking at the image, one might well imagine that it is the usual 2"/ 5 cm. wide - it isn't.  It is 50% larger - 3" wide and the lettering is twice the usual quarter of an inch high.  

This label, while being silver is not hallmarked, nor does it bear a maker's mark, but it is probabably late 18th century as indicated by the 'colour' of the silver, the lettering and its general 'feel'.  There is a strong possibility that it was made in Scotland, possibly far from Edinburgh, which would account for its not being marked.   The lugs or suspension loops from which the chain is attached, are indicative of a Scottish origin although labels with lugs were made elsewhere.  However, if it were made in a remote part of Scotland, it might date from the early 19th century.

To sum it up - a lovely label at a tiny fraction of the price it would have been if it bore the marks of Peter Lambert of Montrose or Hugh Ross of Tain.

Date: c.1780

Dimensions: 3", 7.6 cm. wide