6588 A silver-gilt wine label for

6588 A silver-gilt wine label for "Sauterne"

Code: 6588


When I bought this excellent label, it remided me that I already have a pair which are similar in design - did they match? Were they 3 from a set?  When I looked closely at 5204, I saw immediately that they were all three from the same set - by the same maker, Charles Rawlings and the same date - 1823

Most labels of this general type are diestamped from sheet silver but this one and its 'mates' are 'cast', that is the molten silver was poured into a mould, then finished and gilded - a more costly and better process to make labels of high quality.

'Sauterne' is not often seen, although not really rare as a name on a label but it is more usually spelled with an 's' on the end.

London 1823 by Charles Rawlings.