9764 A 'postage stamp' silver initial label for 'S'

9764 A 'postage stamp' silver initial label for 'S'

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This small silver wine label is a type known as postage stamp because it is similar in size and shape to a stamp.

This variety of label was first made in the closing years of the 18th century and was popular for several decades. This example for 'S' was made by Charles Reily & George Storer in london in 1840.

Initial labels were often for spirits - presumably because spirits were not something to boast about. the most common initials are G, R, W & B for Gin, Rum, Whisky and Brandy. S may have been for Sherry or Shrub (a popular cordial).

Date: 1840

Dimensions: 9", 24 mm wide

Weight: 10 grams