9872 An important silver-gilt wine label for Hock

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This is among the grandest of English wine labels. It is formed as a leopard's pelt amid bunches of grapes and vine leaves centered by a pelta shield with a matted centre and with the cast raised legend HOCK. It is suspended by a heavy-guage belcher chain, and was made by Charles Reily and George Storer.

This pattern of wine label was originally used by the celebrated silversmith Paul Storr soon after 1810 and proved popular with the aristocracy who favoured the opulence of silver gilt to 'white' silver and with massive cast decoration to lighter weight forms of ornament.

The similarity of this label to Storr's earlier productions suggests that the mould from which it was cast was acquired by Reily and Storer for their later use.

The gilding of the label is slightly darker than it appears in the image.  However, it looks as it does in reality in the multiple hock image which also gives a good idea of the scale compared with other labels.

Date: 1833

Dimensions: 2.9", 74 mm wide

Weight: 42 grams

9872 An important silver-gilt wine label for Hock