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1055 A Georgian 'port magnum ' decanter with a pear shape stopper

£950.00 Approx $1204.06, €1062.64

Code: 1055

This fine decanter has panel-cut neck and shoulders and three incise-cut neck rings. It is marginally less than a magnum*. The base has a band of fluting and the decanter is fitted with a bevelled pear-shaped stopper (replaced). The body of the decanter is wheel engraved with the initials WHA. Georgian magnum decanters are hard to find, and have become a rarity on the market. This is an early example with contemporary prettily-engraved initials and is in good bright condition. 

* Decanters which hold just less than two bottles are said in some circles to be 'port magnums'. This is because port throws a sediment, and the amount of clear wine left when decanted is less than a full 2 bottles.

English c.1795.