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4019 A pedestal stem wine glass


Code: 4019

This is a fine example of what used to be known as a 'Silesian' stem wine glass, but which today is probably more correctly described as a moulded pedestal stem glass.  It has a narrow bell bowl, resting on a moulded stem with a log tear inclusion.  The stem is formed of an octagonal inverted baluster with a pyramid at the apex of each rib.   The foot is conical and with a folded edge.

Not all 18th century wine glasses and goblets are well made, there being inaccuracies in the stems or more or less deep 'striations' in the making of the bowl or foot. While there are a few striations in the foot of this example, overall, the glass is very well and accurately made.  It is also beautifully proportioned.

It is a relatively large wine glass, but not quite as large as to describe it as a goblet.  It is in excellent condition without any apparent restoration.

Date: c. 1735

Dimensions: 6.5", 16.5 cm. high