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5086 A good 'prussian' decanter with a tasting stopper

£785.00 Approx $1079.78, €919.2

Code: 5086

This is an exceptional Georgian decanter.  The body is the standard 'prussian' shape, but with the broad lip normally associated with carafes.  The upper three quarters of the body are cut with panel- or slice-cutting interspersed with four integral or incised neck rings.  The upper three are panel cut, while the bottom one is broader and cut with shallow pyramids -  a variety of 'diamond cutting'.  Very unusually for this date, the base is star cut.

Star-cut bases are not usually seen on decanters and carafes until the second decade of the 19th century, although they do occasionally appear in ship's decanters.  Star cutting has a distinct purpose - it refracts light upward through the wine the better to see the colour and clarity of the wine above it.

The decanter is fitted with a tasting stopper, and although it is the correct form, we feel that it is not origianl as the colour of the glass is slightly different when seen in bright daylight; it is much less noticeable in artificial light.  Tasting stoppers are very seldom seen and while similar to normal ones in outside appearance, the 'peg' - that part wich goes into the decanter is hollow.

The decanter easily holds a full bottle and is in excellent clear condition without any chips or cracks.  

Date: c.1810

Dimensions: 8.5", 21.6 cm. high