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6012 A fine 'prussian' semi-ship's decanter with mushroom stopper


Code: 6012

This is a high-quality ship's decanter - some would say a semi-ship's decanter.  The body is of broad 'prussian' shape having a broad band of prismatic cutting above a narrow band of very fine Vs and a pair of steps.  The shoulders are step-cut and the neck is panel cut with three cut neck rings.  The underside is cut with a bold star and the mushroom stopper is star-cut.

The decanter has had a moderately hard life - many of the prisms around the widest part of the body are 'nibbled' and the underside is worn, but not abnormally so.  The base of the stopper is chipped, but these imperfections, most of which could be restored, are reflected in the price. There are no cracks nor chips around the rim or to the edge of the stopper.

The decanter will hold a full bottle with ease and is fit for purpose.

Date c.1810

Dimensions: 8.4", 21.4 cm. high incl. stopper