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Modern dishwasher-safe glasses

£48.00 per set of 6 Approx $66.02, €56.21

Code: 0000

No - we have not abandoned antiques but we felt these were a must-have for any wine enthusiast!

These glasses are shaped to maximise your enjoyment of wine - without the fuss of having different glasses for each grape variety. The one shape comes in five sizes and they are joined by the large burgundy glass, and of course, one for champagne (or any other fizz).

They are the product of modern technology and in simplistic terms, have titanium in place of lead in the 'melt' of glass. This makes them stronger than ordinary glasses and very resistant to becoming cloudy when cleaned in a dishwasher. Indeed they will withstand 3000 + washes. Just imagine not having to wash and dry by hand after a dinner party ever again!

These glasses are not thick and clumsy, but light and elegant. They fit easily in our standard size domestic dishwasher, so unless you have one smaller, you should have no problem. Better still they sell for just £7 a stem (in cartons of 6 only),while the large Burgundy glass and the largest of the others are £8 a stem. Postage and Packing is extra.

The largest of the wine glasses is new to our range, and will appeal to those who enjoy a glass with a serious capacity!

The height of each glass (from left to right) is 8.7", 222 mm., 8.1", 205 mm., 7.7", 195 mm., and 7.2", 182 mm.  The burgundy glass is 8.3", 211 mm. and the champagne flute is 8.1", 207 mm. 

Please note that the glasses are only sold in boxes of 6 (or multiples).  The price for a box of 6 is £42, the larger sizes being £48.