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3001 A rare plain Georgian ship's decanter with two neck rings


Code: 3001

This is simply a good example of a George III ship's decanter.  It has a body of trumpet-bell shape and its unusual feature is that it has two, not three neck rings - otherwise it is entirely plain.  It has a target, or bullseye, stopper which is possibly replaced, but then one can say that about almost every Georgian decanter; it may well be original.

It may be noticed that reproduction ship's decanters are usually larger than originals.  It will also be observed that the neck rings, which were originally designed to give a good grip are usually much closer together in reproductions - which almost defeats the object of having them!  Reproductions usually have 'mushroom' stoppers.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 9.3", 23.7 cm high incl. stopper.

From the collection of Hugh Johnson Esq.