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6580 A rare early shaft & globe decanter with engraved decoration

£740.00 Approx $994.62, €818.58

Code: 6580

Shaft & globe decanters of the 19th century are quite often seen, but their predecessors of the 1730s and 40s are really quite rare.  This example is full-bottle size and is well engraved around the body's mid-upper section with fruiting vines and tendrils.

It has a high kick-in (or punt, as wine connoisseurs would prefer), with a coarse pontil mark.  The body of the decanter is quite thickly blown as one would expect at this early date.  The quality of the engraving is also good, with the bunches of grapes having polished centres to each grape.  The leaves are also well detailed.

The lip of the decanter has been mildly restored and is fitted with a contemporary and very suitable ball stopper with air bubbles.

Date: c.1730-40

Dimensions: 10.9", 27.5 cm. high incl. stopper