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6565 A fine pair of green decanters by Richardsons


Code: 6565

This is a fine and unusual pair of decanters, being a pale apple green and of narrow conical form - almost ship's decanters.  The decanters are nine-sided and cut throughout their height with slice- or panel-cutting.  They have three incised neck rings below the widely flared rims, while the undersides are radially cut with broad and narrow v-cutting.  The heavy hollow stoppers are cut to match.

These are decanters of very high quality - evidenced by their weight (as glass was sold by the weight when these were made and these are surprisingly heavy).  They are in excellent condition - bright and clear with no internal cloudiness and devoid of any significant chips or cracks. They would be eminently suitable for serving white wine.

The similarity of these decanters to those illustrated  in "The Decanter - An Illustrated History of Glass" by Andy McConnell , please refer to p. 360, pl.506.

Dimensions: 11.2", 28.4 cm. Incl stoppers