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4053 A pair of opaque transfer-printed carafes by Geo. Bacchus & Son

£675.00 Approx $928.47, €790.4

Code: 4053

This is a rare pair of carafes made by George Bacchus & Son.  They are of tall cylindrical form, and  made of opaque/translucent milky white glass.  The bodies have two narrow bands of gilding, between which are transfer prints, finely executed in rich tan brown.

Each carafe is similarly decorated with a depiction of Minerva (?) holding a shield and spear and with a plumed helmet.  On the other side is a depiction of a philosopher wearing a diaphanous toga (a Roman garment, but this has 'Greek Key' decoration!), and holding a long staff.

Between these two figures are two smaller ones.  In one, a winged youth holds a bucket in one hand and a be-ribboned wreath in the other, and he wears a curious cap.  The other small vignette, depicts a young lady holding what appears to be a dead rabbit, while standing beside a pillar and with a piece of cloth floating in the air beside her!

The transfer prints are in excellent unworn condition, and the gilt bands have only very minor scuffing.

I am sorry I have mislaid my Hall's Dictionary which would have enabled me to give a more certain attribution to the figures.  However, for a similar decanter see "The Decanter - An Illustrated History of Glass" by Andy McConnell p.351 pl. 493/3 

English.  Date: c.1850.  Dimensions: 12.2", 31 cm. high