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6581 A fine MAGNUM shaft-and-globe decanter with cut decoration


Code: 6581

This really is an impressive decanter because it is not only in very fine condition - bright, clear and without damage, but it is also an impressive size, as it holds two bottles of wine quite easily.

It is of 'shaft and globe' form decorated with three bands of 'printies' (circular or oval cut depressions) above a star-cut base and below a panel-cut neck and an everted rim.  The stopper is baloon-shaped and hollow, but still heavy and cut to match the body.  

A decanter like this is very fit for purpose as the cutting refracts the light through the wine and is enhanced by the star-cut base wich throws light upwards from an overhead light.

Date: c.1860

Dimensions: 15", 38 cm high incl. stopper