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5266 A tall blue decanter with a silver mount and stopper

£360.00 Approx $495.19, €421.55

Code: 5266

This is a fine blue glass decanter and is made all the more interesting by its hallmarked silver mount and stopper.  It is interesting because the silver mounts enable us to give a precise date of manufacture - and it is earlier than many would imagine.  Until recently, decanters of these proportions and which were popular for a time in the 19th century, were thought to date to the mid-century - say 1845-1865, but this one is clearly marked for 1837 and  has the duty mark of King William IV, who died in June 1837, but the mark was used for a short while after this.

The silver mount and the stopper are both profusely decorated with fruiting vines, so clearly, this was intended for use as a wine decanter.  It holds a full bottle and is fit for purpose.                                                                                

Date: 1837, Birmingham.

Dimensions: 14.3", 36.3 cm. high incl. stopper