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5174 A ship's decanter attributed to Powell's Whitefriars glasshouse.

£450.00 Approx $600, €501.11

Code: 5174

This delightful ship's decanter was very probably made in Harry Powell's Whitefriars Glasshouse in London at the end of the 19th century.  It appears slightly smaller than many decanters, but does easily hold a full bottle.

The body of the decanter is almost hemispherical, but it has been blown into a mould which has given it a very slight ribbed effect, both on the sides and the base, where it has a ground and polished pontil mark.

The cylindrical neck has lower and top rings of 'Vitruvian scroll' trailing between which are 'raspberry prunts'.  The rim is tri-cornered, and the hollow 'mushroom' stopper is mould-blown to match the body.

This decanter displays great glass-blowing skills despite its simple appearance.

Date: c.1890