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5207 A three-bottle taper decanter


Code: 5207

This impressive decanter was probably made in northern France, more specifically, Normandy, although its 'Frenchness' is much less apparent than many.  Indeed it may have been made in England, but we think not, as the mushroom stopper, which seems to be original is a French model.  

The decanter is utterly plain with a cylindrical body and tapering neck devoid of neck rings and just a slightly everted rim.  It has a ground and polished pontil and the base shows the usual amount of wear associated with a decanter of the early - mid 19th century.

The decanter holds three 75-cl. bottles easily - almost four and pours well without gurgling.

Date: c.1820-50

Dimensions: 15.6", 39.5 cm. high incl. stopper