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9765 A pair of silver neo-classical coasters 1785

£2,450.00 Approx $3319.78, €2749.72

Code: 9765

This is an elegant pair of silver wine coasters. They were made in 1785 by S Roberts & Co of Sheffield. They have straight sides which are pierced with 'paling' and engraved with bright-cutting and with crests. The undersides retain their original baize lining.

The turned mahogany bases are original and have a good patina. The marks are clearly legible.

Coasters like this are the perfect foil for a pair of decanters. They help prevent decanters from touching - and thus becoming chipped - and they catch errant drips of wine very effectively. Furthermore the baize bases allow the coasters to slide on a polished surface easily and without scratching it.

Date: 1785

Dimensions: 4.7" diameter