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9941 A very large plain Georgian goblet

£620.00 Approx $785.8, €693.51

Code: 9941

This is a quite massive goblet.  It has an ogee bowl resting on a plain solid stem and a low conical foot.  The bowl holds about a pint (550 ml).

This goblet has a fine useable quality about it.  It does, as old-fashioned antiques dealers would have said, 'stand well'.  It is slightly, but only very slightly, skewed off vertical, and the bowl has several small occlusions and striations, which add to its appeal.  The rim is not trimmed, nor is the foot.

I think I might even take a good measure of Beaujolais from it this evening... .

Date: c.1760

Dimensions: 9.1", 23.2 cm. high