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4057 A mid-18th century drawn trumpet' wine goblet

£480.00 Approx $614.6, €523.45

Code: 4057

This is a good large goblet and in fine condition, without any cracks or chips.  Nor has it been trimmed to have small chips removed.

This form of wine glass was made in two parts - the stem and bowl being 'drawn' from one piece, and the foot from another.  The stem in this example has an air bubble, or 'tear' beneath the bowl and the foot is a simple low conical  one.

It is interesting that in the 2nd half of the 20th century, and continuing to this day, several glass manufacturers have copied this model - or one very like it, however, being machine made, they lack the slight imperfection of finish which give the original style, tactility and visual pleasure.

Date: c.1740

Dimensions: 8.9", 22.4 cm. high