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5202 A fine and large Georgian opaque twist goblet

£625.00 Approx $859.7, €731.85

Code: 5202

This is a particularly fine wine goblet from which it would be a great pleasure to have a good burgundy...or any other fine red wine for that matter.

The bowl is of very generous capacity without being excessively large.  For the person who would actually use it, it has the rare feature of the rim curving slightly inward.  This really is such an unusual feature in 18th century wine glasses, but one which is almost considered mandatory by modern glassmakers.  It concentrates the 'nose' or bouquet to better assess the qualities of the wine.

The glass is very well made and is neither chipped or cracked, nor has the foot or rim been 'trimmed' - an important point.

The bowl is an unusual shape  - not quite a cup bowl nor a rounded funnel shape, but a combination of the two.  The stem comprises a multi-ply twisted gauze enclosed by a 9-ply 'corkscrew' to form what in collector circles is known as a double series opaque twist.

It is very satisfying to find an antique wine glass or goblet which one might consider actually using because it is so fit for purpose.  I feel I must use it soon while I still have it!

Date: c.1765

Dimensions: 6.9", 17.5 cm high, 3.95", 10 cm. rim diameter