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6532 A silver-mounted Victorian claret jug

£325.00 Approx $447.04, €380.56

Code: 6532

The wine or claret flask was a very popular design from c.1865- 1900 and it enjoyed a few variations of decoration.  This example with its silver mount and stoppper is accurately datable from the hallmarks which are well-struck and clear.  It was made by J Sherwood & Sons at their Hylton Street works in Birmingham.

The slightly-flattened spherical body is 'trailed' throughout its height - that is a very small thread of glass was wound around the body before the plain loop handle was added, thus creating a fine striated effect.  

The silver mount is embossed with flowerheads and scrolling foliage and incorporates a vacant cartouche.  The finial stopper is marked with the makers' mark and the date letter for 1876, which accords with those on the flask mount.

Such jugs are known as claret jugs, but, of course, they may be used for any wine, or indeed, spirit.  This one is in excellent condition with no cracks or chips and the inner surface is not cloudy.


Date: 1876

Dimensions: 9" 23 cm. high