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5172 A rare pair of Japanesque engraved claret flasks


Code: 5172

There was a passion for things 'Japanese' in the decorative arts following the opening of Japan to the West and the subsequent trade agreement in 1858.  Ferns featured in the decorative treatment of much silver and glass, and this pair of claret flasks demonstrate the tfashion for 'Japanesque' admirably.  Each is finely wheel-egraved with six varieties of fern

The jugs are of oval section and have 'rope-twist' loop handles.  The bases are star-cut.  There is also a re-inforcing neck ring to each flask between the top handle joint and the pouring lip.

One flask has a crack just below the top handle joint, but it is still serviceable and would not be noticed except when examined closely.  The crack can be seen in the first image, but my lighting was deliberately placed to show this clearly.

Because of the damage to one claret jug, the pair have been priced as a singleton.

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 8.5", 21.6 cm high