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4045 A fine, rare and large silver-gilt label for sherry


Code: 4045

This large and impressive wine label is a very rare model.  It is die-stamped in heavy gauge silver and the gilding is finely matted and partly burnished.   The quality of the detailing is very high.  It was made by James and Nathaniel Creswick of Sheffield, but this particular combination of the partners in the firm were only operating between 1852 and 1855.   There is no date letter, although the other expected marks are crisp and clear.

'Wine Labels 1730 - 2003', the standard reference work, shows a similar label (ill 343), but it appears to be quite a lot smaller, although no mention is made of either its dimensions, nor whether or not it is gilded.

The label is in excellent condition and has no signs of any restoration.

Date: 1852-55

Dimensions: 3", 7.6 cm wide

Weight: 41 grams, 1 oz 3 dwt.