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5249 A rare scroll wine label for 'Old-Hock' by Hester Bateman


Code: 5249

Generally the wine labels of Hester Bateman, like much of her workshop production, were lightweight, flimsy almost, but their pretty designs make up for this shortcoming.  Her labels, and there are many, are generally chacterised by being made from thin sheet silver with engraved decoration.   This label is different; it is cast.

The label bears the legend "OLD - HOCK" which seems to have been a curious predeliction of Georgian England. The design also appears to be unique to one set of labels, one of which (for Lisbon) appears in the standard reference book on wine labels and another which has the maker's mark of Hester Bateman. Like the other four in the set, this one is unmarked.  We don't know the whereabouts of the others, but suffice it to say that this is a good and interesting rarity.

Date: c.1775

Dimensions: 2.3",6 cm. wide

Weight: 14 g. . 9 dwt.