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6541 A very good George III silver wine funnel

£675.00 Approx $928.47, €790.4

Code: 6541

This is a very good example of a George III silver wine funnel, being in exceptional condition.  It was made in 1800 by Stephen Adams and is fully hallmarked.  It has a very crisply engraved crest beneath a baron's coronet on both the main body of the funnel and also on the removable strainer section.

The crispness of the engraving, which is contemporary with its manufacture, indicates that the funnel has not been over zealously polished and the decoration blurred.  It has a reed rim on both sections and the spount is properly curved to direct the wine down the wall of the decanter.

Date: 1800

Dimensions: 5.7", 14.5 cm. long

Weight: 4 oz.2 dwt., 128 grams