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6584 A high-quality cut George III decanter


Code: 6584

This is a fine quality decanter, notable for its heavy weight - and made at a time when glass was sold by its weight. The 'metal' (or composition) of the glass has a blue-grey hue, which with its weight and cutting suggest an Irish origin.

The decanter has three incise-cut neck rings - that is they were cut from the body of the decanter to stand proud of the surrounding panel-cutting.  The widest part of the body is cut with a band of slice-cutting above the base which is cut with flutes.  The pontil was polished and the stopper is a radially-cut disc with a scalloped edge.

The decanter is in good original condition with no chips or cracks.

Date: c.1800

Dimensions: 10.8", 27.5 cm. high incl. stopper