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6585 A plain Georgian 'prussian' decanter with a target stopper


Code: 6585

The shape of this Georgian decanter is between a 'prussian' and a 'nelson' - if the lower secion of the body curved in more, it would be a 'prussian', but it is not quite parallel-sided (which it would need to be to be called a 'nelson'!  Whatever name you chose to give it, it is still a handsome decanter.

The decanter is heavily blown in good clear glass and has three applied neck rings below a flanged rim, and it has target or bull's eye stopper.

It is very fit for purpose, having no chips or cracks and is bright and clear and it holds a full bottle of wine with ease.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 11.2", 28.4 cm. Incl stoppers