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9552 A 'Bristol blue' decanter with a gilded label for Brandy

£220.00 Approx $302.61, €257.61

Code: 9552

This decanter is an early example of the 'Prussian' shape - almost a broad 'Indian club' form, and it has a bevelled pear-shape stopper. The body is decorated in gilt with a faux wine label of rectangular outline suspended by a chain. The stopper, which is not original to the decanter, but contemporary with it, is decorated with a gilt 'B'.

Most blue or green decanters of the late 18th century were labeled in gilt for Rum, Brandy or Hollands (Gin), and are of pint, or half-bottle size. This decanter will hold a full bottle, which is less often seen as most blue spirit decanters only hold a half-bottle.

Date: c.1790 - 1800