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A rare Georgian silver wine siphon by Thomas Hyde


Code: 3086

This is a fine and impressive magnum claret jug.  It is of 'prussian' shape, but without neck rings.  The lower body and neck are cut with wide slices or panels which are alternately finely engraved with fruiting vines, tendrils and bunches of grapes.  The base is star-cut.  Between the panel cutting is a wide uncut  band which is engraved with ribbon-tied fronds of thistles and roses, and enclosing a very finely cut crest of a unicorn's head erased.  Sadly for identification purposes, the crest is shared by 101 families!

This is a wonderful claret jug, and the engraving is considerably better quality than is usually encountered.  It was never fitted with a stopper, and the handle is a plain loop of necessarily robust proportions.

Date: c.1820

Dimensions: 11" , 28 cm. high