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A pair of Old Sheffield plated coasters


Code: 5159

This is a delightful pair of old Sheffield plated coasters of utterly simple form.  With plain vertical sides moulded above and below and with turned bases made from high grade mahogany and baize-lined beneath.

There is a world of difference between old Sheffield plate and electroplated coasters - the latter being much more susceptible to wear and showing the base copper through the thin layer of silver.  It is simple to tell that these are OSP by the clear seam running vertically as can be seen on the left-hand coaster. OSP was invented in 1742, but was supwerseded by electroplate about 100 years later.

These coasters are a little worn on their lower moulding, but otherwise are in excellent overall condition.  They bear a strong resemblance to a pair of silver examples in the possession of the National Trust at Buckland Abbey in Devon, (the one-time home of Sir Francis Drake) and hallmarked for 1787-8.  As is very common with antique coasters, the baize has been replaced, but it looks as it should.

Date: c.1790

Dimensions: 5.2", 13 cm. diameter