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A massive decanter of 'Imperiale' size


Code: 5267

This is a HUGE decanter!  It is the largest we have handled or indeed seen in over 50 years of dealing.  It holds six litlres or 8 bottles - sufficient for an Imperial bottle.

It is probably of French manufacture, which is given credence by the positioning of the lowest neck ring and the proportions.  That neck ring is imperfectly made, but no doubt the glass-maker had difficulty in handling such a large  and heavy piece.  It somehow adds to the charm.

The decanter has no cracks or chips and is in excellent overall condition, although we have had the stopper made as the one we bought was a) not original and b) not the correct pattern.  The stopper looks very well and is not an obvious replacement.

The lower image shows the decanter with a very large (by ordinary standards) decanter which holds 3 bottles and a standard single-bottle decanter.

Date: c.1830-50

Dimensions: 16.2", 41.2 cm. high incl. stopper