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A silver-mounted 'Indian club' decanter


Code: 4118

This is a very unusual decanter, in that silver mounts are most often seen to hide the fact that the decanter has been chipped around the pouring lip.  That is not the case here!

The decanter type is what is known as an 'Indian Club' after the shape of excercising clubs of that name so popular in the early 20th century when much nomenclature for antiques was 'invented'.  This decanter is devoid of decoration except for the star-cut underside which allows light to refract to see the wine better.

The silver top hinges to reveal an internal glass stopper, and both halves of the silver, the mount and the lid, are hallmarked for 1891, and have the maker's mark for Rupert Favell, who, along with John Grinsell & Sons seemed to specialise in wine-related equipment and silver-mounted glass generally.

Date: 1891

Dimensions: 10.2\", 26 cm high