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A German 'lady's legs' corkscrew


Code: 5062

It is perhaps not surprising that among the most collectable corkscrews, are those in the form of stockinged ladies' legs and with calf-length lace-up boots in a silvery coloured metal.

This particular corkscrew is in good overall condition, the joints are all firm, the celluloid 'stockings' are intact - and it works!  The shank is stamped REGISTRIRT, although it is not very clear.

Corkscrews of this model appear in many colour combinations and in two different sizes, of which this is the larger.  They were made in Germany although some were stamped for sale in the Uk and elsewhere.  The original German examples should not be confused with those made in the 1970s, nor the modern Chinese ones, which are of distinctly inferior quality.

Date: c.1890 - 1920

Dimensions: 2.6", 6.8 cm. long (folded)