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An exceptional set of 4 decanters with a pair of double trolleys


Code: 5221

This is a magnificent set of four full-bottle size decanters of the Regency period - say about 1815.  The shapes, with their vertical sides are known as 'nelsons'.  Several decanter shapes were given names of naval heroes in the Georgian period.

They are cut with a broad band of prism cutting above three steps and a band of v-grooves, which extend round to the base to form star cut bases with central ground and polished pontils.  The necks are step-cut with everted lips and the decanters are fitted with star-cut capstan stoppers.

Sets of four decanters of this date  - and all with their original stoppers, are very scarce and seldom come to the market.  That they are of this quality and condition adds to that scarcity, but that is not all.  They also come together with a pair of papier mâché double coaster trolleys which may have been put together as an ensemble when they were originally retailed.

This is a truly exceptional set, not only of very high quality, but in fine condition as well as being practical wine accessories.  Under very bright photographic lighting, is is possible to see a small internal crack in one decanter.  It is about 15 mm long and does not leak and we have accounted for this in the pricing. In normal domestic circumstances it would not be visible.

It has been suggested that these decanters may have been made by Perrin & Geddes of Warrington, who produced very high quality decanters for Royalty and Liverpool Corporation.

Date: c.1815-20

Dimensions: 10.5", 26.7 cm high incl. stoppers