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A remarkable turquoise ship's decanter


Code: 6014

Almost all coloured ship's decanters are late 19th or early 20th century in date, but this is the exception. The cutting and style suggest a date of c.1830-40 and this is borne out by the wear to the base and general wear - not that there is much of that.

The body of the decanter is of trumpet outline, with a tuck-in base and an everted rim. The body is panel- or slice-cut from almost the widest diameter to the rim and the neck has three bands of step-cutting. The base is boldly cut with a star. The hollow balloon stopper is also panel-cut and has a flat top.

It has been suggested, and with good reason, that this decanter may be from the glasshouse of Apsley Pellatt, one of the mid 19th century's most distinguished London glass-makers. At this stage, it is not a firm attribution, but it is a distinct possibility.

The decanter is full-bottle size and would perfectly suit a white wine.

Date: c.1830 - 40

Dimensions: 9.8", 24.9 cm. high incl. stopper