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A rare silver champagne bottle holder


Code: 9718

This is a fine and very practical rarity. The sterling silver bottle holder hinges open to allow a single bottle of champagne (or burgundy) to be held. The holder is then closed, and it not only keeps the bottle cool, but also the handle makes for easy pouring. The bottle is completely enclosed except for the top of the neck which means that the label cannot be seen.

The whole of the body of the holder is decorated with 'tree-bark' texturing. It is fully hallmarked for London 1890, and with the makers' mark of Rupert Favell & Henry Elliot. It also bears the retailer's mark of Tiffany & Co., Paris on the underside, together with the serial number of their product and a registration number - 125245. It can be presumed that it was ordered for the Paris shop by Tiffany from the London silversmiths. It also bears a French import mark.

Silver bottle holders which enclose the bottle completely are rare. We did have a plated one many years ago in the 1970s which had a chamois leather lining (which this may have had), and we have seen a 20th century American example, but these are the only ones we have known.

Date: 1890