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A fine silver gilt wine label for SHERRY


Code: 9673

This is a really fine wine label made in 1806 by Digby Scott and Benjamin Smith. It is in the form of a wreath of fruiting vine solidly cast silver, and retaining its original gilding. This model which is was very popular in 1806 and for the following few years.  It is among the grandest forms of wine label ever made.

The model was purchased by Queen Caroline and many other Royal and aristocratic families - testament to its superior design and quality of manufacture.

This example is in fine condition retaining its crisp appearance and clear marks (on the ribbon above the legend).

A few fakes of this model have been noted recently.  They are being cast from genuine labels, but can be distinguished from originals by their being slightly smaller. Originals are 82 or 83 mm wide,

Date: 1806

Dimensions: 3.3", 83mm wide

Weight: 56 grams