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A fine and rare corkscrew with a silver-gilt handle by Reily & Storer


Code: 9932

This a very fine and beautiful corkscrew which has a silver-gilt handle in the form of an ionic capital without the egg-and-dart moulding. It was made in London in 1829 by Charles Reily and George Storer - the first year they entered their mark at Goldsmiths' Hall.

Charles Reily was the son of John Reily who married Mary Hyde, daughter of Thomas Hyde, one of the family of wine-label makers. Indeed, he was a fourth-generation wine-label maker. With George Storer, his partner for 26 years starting the year this was made (1829) Reily made numerous other wine-related objects from wine labels to coolers and the famous corkscrew presented to Prince Albert and designed by Henry Shrapnel. All this should not be surprising as his great-great-great grandfather was a vintner!

The Corkscrew is in excellent condition with a long and full threaded helix - which has not rusted at all - and the handle shows no signs of wear. Quite clearly, it has been used very infrequently, if at all.

It is a delightful rarity, and it appears in "Great British Wine Accessories 1550 - 1900" as pl. 3/36.

Date: 1829

Dimensions: 4.1", 10.3 cm. long

Weight: 29 grams (all in)