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A rare George III mahogany bottle tray


Code: 9935

Mahogany Bottle or decanter trays are quite rare, and this is a particularly good example which has not suffered abuse or any significant damage. It has a fine patination and there is no sign of any restoration.

A tray of this type would have been used to hold bottles or decanters either in an upright or tilted position. If the latter, the bottle necks would have rested in the concave elements of the sides.

It is well made by a competent cabinet maker, and I illustrated an almost identical one in The Book of Wine Antiques ( p.227, pl.243). Bottle trays were made in various forms, this being the least seen, and they feature in Cabinet-makers Books of Prices in the 18th century.

Date: c.1790

Dimensions: 13.5", 34.2 cm square