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3049 A superb set of 6 shaft-and-globe decanters in sizes

£2,450.00 Approx $3370.01, €2868.85

Code: 3049

This is a very fine set of decanters comprising four of full-bottle size and a pair of half-bottle examples to match. Each has an ovoid body with a broad band of decoration comprising richly cut truncated prisms above a foot, cut on its underside with a star.  The shoulder is panel-cut below a narrow cylindrical neck with panel- and step-cutting. Each decanter has a solid ball stopper with cut triangular facets on a waisted panel-cut stem.

These decanters are in excellent condition - bright and really 'sparkly' because of the high quality of the glass and the superb cutting.  They are in exemplary condition - no cloudiness, chips or cracks and each decanter is numbered with its original numbered stopper.

These decanters would be a fine 'accent' on any sideboard or in any wine room, but they are also very fit for purpose and the refractive qualities of the cutting shows colour and clarity of wine brilliantly.   They are thoroughly commended!

Date: c.1880

Dimensions: 13", 33 cm. high incl. stopper