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6589 A large, dark green globular bottle

£245.00 Approx $337, €286.89

Code: 6589

This is a large wine bottle with a globular body, short tapering neck and an annulated neck ring.  Bottles like this and often larger, were made over a long period of time and were probably for moving liquids, including wine in quantities larger than one could in a standard bottle.  We have not (yet) measured its capacity, but would expect it to be about 4-6 bottles.  Such bottles are sometimes known as 'carboys' or 'demijohns' - a name today given to large bottles often used for fermentation.

The bottle is dark olive-green and has a large broken (i.e. not polished) pontil.  We feel the bottle dates from somewhen betwen 1750 and 1830 but the wear to the base suggests a date in the earlier part of our dating, say c.1780.

Height 11". 28 cm.