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6619 a pair of silver plated 'wirework' coasters.

£180.00 Approx $247.59, €210.77

Code: 6619

The construction of these coasters is known as 'wirework' - and very pretty they are, too!  They are electroplated silver on copper, rather than 'old Sheffield plate', so date from after c.1840-45 - a dating which accords with the design.The pattern comprises a series of inverted 'U' bends beneath a wavy rim.  While the general impression is of silver, there are small areas where the copper does show through.  However, re-plating is quite an easy remedy.

The coasters have truned mahogany bases  while the undersides are baize lined.  The internal base measurement is 4.1", 10.5 cm. and the outside dimension is 5.6", 14.2 cm.

English c.1845,