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9319 A fine satinwood tripod table

£1,800.00 Approx $2475.93, €2107.73

Code: 9319

There are many who might describe this as a 'wine table' which would make it fit into my ambit very well.  However the expression 'wine table' is a nonsense; it is simply a small tripod table, albeit it one with quite exceptional elements.  

The top is veneered with West Indian satinwood, crossbanded with rosewood.  It is well figured, but the unusual feature is that the underside of the top is bevelled to make it appear more elegant and thinner than it is.  This is something rarely seen and is thought to appear only in London-made furniture.  Another unusual feature is that the supporting column and legs are also crafted from solid satinwood, which was a very expensive wood when it was made - c.1790, so another sign of high quality.   The legs, of 'umbrella' form and ending in spade feet, are well moulded and in keeping with this degree of quality. 

The table measures 17.3" (44 cm.) x 12.3" ( 31.3 cm.) and it stands 28" (71 cm. ) high.